Benefit from Great System Support

Our team understands that the investment you have made into your business applications is paramount to the success of your business, and this is why we can offer a range of customer care and technology support packages to help you and your team get the best from the investment you have made.

Working with you, supporting your business and your users with day-to-day activities is part of what we do, with a full understanding of key technologies that support Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Office products, along with Microsoft framework capabilities.

Giving You the Best Advice with Advisory



per month

The entry level of our support packages has been designed as an advisory service, and to help you get queries and questions answered. If you have a query about Microsoft Dynamics 365, then I’m sure we can help. This package requires you to set your subscription advisor key with Microsoft and subscribe to our monthly plan for 12 months.

We appreciate that there are those times when you need to ask someone how a function works or how you can do a particular action in Dynamics. This subscription has been designed just for you and your business, providing email and telephone support with full incident tracking.

Learning as You Go and Taking a Little Guidance



per month

After a decade of delivering Microsoft Dynamics to customers, we are still learning as a team and we appreciate a new system can sometimes be a little overwhelming, mainly because you might not always understand the outcomes of actions you carry out.

If you're looking for a little more help, or if you need help setting up basic configuration and importing initial datasets, then this package may fit your budget. Just like our advisory package we will request that you make us your Microsoft subscription advisor for any online Microsoft Dynamics services you ask us to support.

We still include our advisory role, and can also help with online configuration and general guidance to help you get the best from your CRM investment. This subscription has also been designed with your business in mind, providing email and telephone support with full incident tracking.

Busy Building your business? Maybe the Best Option is Supervisory



per month

Day-to-day your activities can get in the way, and being in business or running a business means you’re busy. If you need a little extra help and need to allocate some of your technology related tasks to us, then this we can help you with.

Our Supervisory package extends the services of Guidance, giving you a little more time and the opportunity to call off configuration or training time. Maybe you need a report creating or a dashboard setup? If this is the case, then our Supervisory subscription is probably the best option.

The Supervisory package is the perfect package for smaller organisations with between 10 and 40 users of Microsoft Dynamics. Helping you achieve and support your investment to get the most of implemented technology is the purpose of this subscription.

Still Need a Little More? Our Managed Service Enables Us to Become Your Provider of Administrative Support



per month

If internally you do not have the resource or capability to take full ownership and you have adopted an outsourced business strategy for all things technology, then our Administrative package has been designed to manage your day-to-day with Microsoft 365 technologies. With knowledge of Dynamics, Office and Azure technologies, you can call on support from our technical and support teams.

This package gives your organisation the opportunity to take advantage of up to 4 full days of technical and specialist help in any 12 Month period, raise unlimited tickets and get access to help from Microsoft on your behalf.

Our team are ready to help you gain the best experience and value from your Microsoft investment and help you build, extend and manage potential requirement gaps that may arise over time. Having a dedicated non-contractor term that has been in place for over a decade helps you trust that consistency is a key component to helping you receive great support from us.